Here are several tips that may help you in getting your girlfriend back.

1.  Before you do anything, take some time to learn what went wrong in your relationship. Were you too needy? Were you overly critical of the things she did? Could she count on you or were you often late or cancel your date at the last minute? Did you cheat on her? Did you value her opinions? The reason for the breakup may determine if you even have a chance at being together again. Obviously some reasons are harder to overcome than others. In my opinion, cheating is one of them. If that has happened, be prepared to work very hard to get your gal back.

2.  While you are reflecting on what went wrong, do not contact her. For one reason or another, she left you and you need to back off and give her some space. This is probably one of the hardest things to do but it is extremely important not to hound her. There is a two-fold reason for not contacting her. First, you will give her the time she needs and second she may actually start to miss you. Acting desperate is a turnoff. When the time comes to get in touch again, you will have to act upbeat instead of sad and depressed.

3.  When you have given your separation some time and figured out your plan, you are ready to get in touch with her but do it sparingly. Do not beg her to get back together again. Do not constantly apologize saying everything was your fault. Keep things light and friendly. Tell her that the breakup was a good thing as it has given you time to reflect on the relationship and get a new perspective on life. You can suggest that you remain friends and possibly see each other every now and then. Her answer to you will give you some indication as to whether she is open to being around you.

Getting Back A Girlfriend

Once you get to the point the she is agreeable to seeing you, then follow these tips.

1.  Come across as confident. Act positive rather than negative. Having fun when you are together will bring her back to the time when your relationship was easy. Try to keep everything casual and laid back. Do not make moves towards intimacy. Slowly you can begin to discuss what you felt you did wrong in the relationship as you thought a lot about it.

2.  If jealousy was an issue before, work very hard to control the impulse to act jealous. Avoid acting in ways that were disturbing to your previous relationship. Keep your time together civil with no fighting. Don't give her a reason to believe you haven't changed as she probably will be looking for this. Change your bad habits for good, not just to win her back. It will prove to her that you are sincere in wanting to be together again.

3.  Do some things that are of interest to her. If you know she likes a certain place to eat, take her there. Try to do little things that make her know you are thinking about her. For instance, bring her a coffee from her favorite place. If you saw in the paper that there is going to be a sale at her favorite store, let her know. Text her goodnight one evening out of the blue. Keep these things simple in the beginning. Avoid buying her expensive gifts. That is something you won't be able to keep up so in the long run it will just look like you purchased her things to get her back. Better to do little things that she would never think you would do for her.

4.  Don't be fake just to win her back. If you are in this for the long haul, make the necessary changes and in turn maybe she will make some needed changes too.

These are some ideas that you can implement when getting back a girlfriend. Be patient as there is not quick fix for this situation. Each case is different so spend some real time reflecting on what went wrong before you try to get back together again.

Now that you know some of the needed steps to take, you can read more about getting back a girlfriend. Don't get stuck in counter-productive behavior if you are serious about being with the one you love. The more information you have, the closer to reconciliation you may be.


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